Decisions to Make When Choosing a Conservatory

Decisions to Make When Choosing a Conservatory

Cheshire Orangery - Balterley Hill Farm

Choose Modern or Victorian

The first, and quite possibly the biggest, decision you’ll have to make when choosing a conservatory is whether to go for a modern design or a classic victorian look. Ultimately this decision is up to you but Holts will be happy to make a recommendation on what design will be in keeping with your current property.

Holts Orangeries historic and contemporary designs range from luxurious opulence to minimalists perfection – we can help no matter your requirements.

Choose Conservatory or Orangery

Those unfamiliar with the industry will often start with the question – what is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

A conservatory is a glazed edition to the home that can usually be built without planning permission. (Although this is not always the case so always make sure to check with your local council first) .

A conservatory usually has the following features:

  • A minimum of 50% translucent walls
  • A minimum of 75% translucent roof
  • Less than 30m² floor area


Whereas if you have less than 75% translucent roof and/or less than 50% glazed walls then your construction will be classed as an orangery rather than a conservatory. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, orangeries were symbols of prestige and wealth and still a popular choice today.

Whether it’s a conservatory or an orangery you’re looking for, Holts have the expertise to help you.

Pay Upfront or on Completion

Many conservatory fitters will insist on payment upfront, either completely or at least partially. This, understandably can make potential customers nervous. Holts are different.

We won’t take a penny until your project is complete and you are satisfied with your fantastic new conservatory or orangery. Client satisfaction is key to us and we believe that our passion and success makes our service unique.

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